Expo-Line won the prize for innovation at the Paysalia trade fair in Lyon, France's largest sports, garden and landscaping trade fair. 46 innovative products competed for the 1st prize.

Manu', our Robot Line Marker was unanimously chosen as the winner!


Robot LineMarker explanation:
At the beginning of the season, setting out pitches takes a lot of time and energy. Expo-Line has the ideal solution for your club. We are happy to come and set out the lines of your sports field with our line marking robot.

It marks out your pitch in less than 22 minutes. All you have to do is set it to work. Thanks to the integrated GPS, connected to a PC tablet, the robot is completely autonomous. Are the targets still on the field? Nothing stops it. It calculates the dimensions of the field based on the reference points entered and detects where to draw the lines. And thanks to the latest technological developments, it is also very economical. Lining has never been so easy!

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