Expo-Line Direct | White 500L

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Expo-Line Direct | White 500L

As a pioneer in line marking (coating) systems, Expo-Line developed a ready-to-use line marking paint back in the early 2000s.

It is a very user-friendly and economic product. Not a luxury in times where budgets shrink as fast as the number of volunteers. 

The paint is stored in large cylindrical plastic tanks which are available for clients for free. This makes Expo-Line easily and quickly usable and you, as a sports club, reduce the number of empty plastic cans that annually ends on the waste mountain. 

Expo-Line Direct is an ecological choice for forward-thinking clubs with an eye for budget.

Tank units require a frost-free storage. 


Unit bulk price
Features • high coverage,
• very economical,
• significant time saving for the user,
• user friendly,
• no more mixing,
• cleaner in use,
• Ecological: no more waste of empty jerrycans