Expo-Line Plus Concentrate | 14kg

Item code: EXP-2306-9
Expoline Plus Concentrate is a product based on a brand new formula. It was specially developed for use with the Graco Fieldlazer, Supermatic GM10 or other devices. Be sure to mix and shake before use!

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More info about Expo-Line Plus Concentrate | 14kg

Expo-Line Plus Concentrate | 14kg

This product is made in Belgium and is 100% safe for both players and enviremont.

Thanks to the high degree of whiteness and the strong adhesion to the grass, the paint remains visible for a long time.

Advice for use: Expo-Line plus concentrate must be diluted with water.
Depending on the weather conditions, a dilution of 1/4 to 1/6 can be used.

Expo-Line Plus concentrate does not settle and does not form lumps.


Packaging Packed per 14 kilo
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