Expo-Line Standard Performance | 11L

Item code: EXP-2308SP11L1
The standard performance is the basic paint among the performance paints.
This product is primarily intended for relining and/or training fields.



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With the arrival of the robots, we have ended up in a reasonably changed social landscape, in which the need for line marking paint for soccer fields has also changed.
More and more customers choose to have their fields autonomously lined by lining robots.

Soccer fields need to be lined in the best possible way.
Expo-Line standard Performance is a sedimentation and clogging free lining paint.

This new product line of line paints excels in its performance, hence the name Performance. In fact, they are high efficiency products.
The high efficiency translates into the fact that these products still have the same high whiteness on the field, as one would expect from Expo-Line products in the first place. But thanks to the arrival of the robots we now manage to achieve this high whiteness with a greatly reduced volume.