Expo-Line Pro Robot Line Marker Pro X

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Expo-Line Pro Robot Line Marker (Includes battery and tablet), for more info on our Pro Robot Line Marker , visit www.expo-robot-line.com .


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Marking new lines at the start of the soccer season is a hard job that takes a lot of both time and energy. As from today Expo-Line can come over to your soccer club to mark the lines with the robot line marker.

This is the fastest linemarking device in the world. This robot line marker fully automatically marks the lines on your soccer pitch. Drawing lines was never easier.

First you design your soccer pitch on the tablet. Then the robot does the job for you, fully autonomously. And you? You can do something else.

This robot, with his 30 kilogram is a light-weight. Thanks to the latest technological developments this device is very economic.

Linemark a soccer pitch in less tha 22 minutes without having to purchase the machine.

More info on our robot line markers, click here.


Specifications • Light-weight: 30 kilogram without battery
• Minimal paint consumption
• Fully autonomous
• Ready for all weather conditions
• User friendly tablet
• Based on latest technological developments
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