Select Brillant Super TB v23 | White

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Brillant Super TB White size 5



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A new superior soccer ball made of carefully selected high quality materials with the characteristics of a classic SELECT ball.

The new 3D diamond structure of the surface material ensures an even more stable trajectory, optimized friction between ball and boot and the best grip for goalkeepers.

The bright white panels are made of a special material to ensure clear visibility of the ball to players and spectators.

The 32 panels are thermo bonded and takes up less water than hand-sewn balls thus keeping the original weight when playing on a wet surface.

Beneath the outer material is a newly developed lining made of a 4 mm. exclusive foam material including a Zero-Wing latex bladder with built-in balance point opposite the valve hole.
The outer material and the underlying foam give the ball a light touch and a comfortable softness.




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