Expo-Line Expert and Voetbal Vlaanderen launch Referee College

The Referee Department of Flanders Soccer Association and Expo-Lline Expert launch the Referee College together with their partners ING and Patrick. The goal is to coach referees and assistant referees on their way to the top. There are three focus groups:

  1. Starters who are being sent by their Referee Ambassadors (amateur soccer) and starters who are educated in Referee Academies (professional soccer). These referees have already developed all the necessary skills to become a referee later on.
  2. Talents from national and provincial competitions who are already engaged as a referee. This group will develop their skills fast during referee camps of one or more days.
  3. Talents from the national competition who have a profile for professional soccer. This group will be prepared for all levels of all soccer competitions. They will grow their skills during multiple soccer camps abroad.

Want to learn more? Click here to go the website of Referee College.