Robot marks perfect straight lines in Utrecht

On September 14th, we announced that the City of Utrecht bought an Expo-Line Robot Line Marker. In the meantime, it already did a lot of work for the different football clubs.

The City of Utrecht marks its football and rugby fields once a year. The robot is much faster, tells M. Rot Frithjof. Mr. José Hoogstraten, the person in charge of the Robot, is very enthusiastic. It takes 8 minutes to mark half a field, straight lines included.

At the start, he was not very comfortable with the robot because he was used to old school. Now it’s his new best friend and they decides to leave the manual marking with rope behind.

The robot is fully autonomous thanks to its gps and it’s controlled by a software on a tablet. It needs a gps to function. Therefore it can’t be used indoor, because inside the gps signal is not strong enough. We can handle all outdoor sports: rugby, handball, soccer, athletics, American football… and we also can mark temporary lines if necessary.

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