Supermatic GM-10 filed linemarking machine

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Supermatic GM-10 filed linemarking machine


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More info about Supermatic GM-10 filed linemarking machine

This patented line marking device is made of stainless steel. It automatically obtains pressure and is maintenance-free. Without battery or electric pump mechanism.

The machine makes it possible to use liquid paint instead of chalk.

The Supermatic GM-10 is fully automatic thanks to especially developed pumping system, powered on the axle. This allows to work with a constant pressure and it obviates the use of a compressor or a motor.

The device was developed more than 20 years ago and has already frequently proven its qualties and reliabilty in several big and smaller cubs.






Usage The movement of the device automatically sucks and sprays the paint on the grass.
The Supermatic GM-10 is low-maintenance.

The cleaning happens on the last meters while marking the field. It suffices to put the suction tube in clean water and to continue to push the device until clear water comes out of the nozzle.
Information The Supermatic GM-10 is probably the most user-friendly and decent device on the market.

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