IGoal Futsal| Inflatable |3 m x 2 m

 The iGoal Mini is ideal for use as a training target or for recreational use.


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More info about IGoal Futsal| Inflatable |3 m x 2 m

The Igoal is a totally new concept soccer goal. Thanks to the inflatable aspect, this soccer goal is easily portable and can be used anywhere. It uses the "Rigid Air Technology" which in combination with thermoplastic polymer is a super light and super strong product. The use of this technology drastically reduces the risk of sports injuries. The totally free standing Igoal system is made of one piece and is very low maintenance. The tube system is three-walled and therefore very strong.

The Igoal can be inflated to a maximum pressure of 1 bar in one minute. Under this pressure the inflatable frame reacts almost identically to a normal soccer goal made of steel or aluminum. The material used is very flexible and both FIFA and TUV proofed.

Because of the safety these goals are mandatory in countries like France under the U12. In Belgium, during the Coca-Cola Cup, the safety of these goals has not escaped the notice of the KBVB. With the permission of the KBVB, the Igoals were used. Many attendees only noticed afterwards that these were inflatable goals and were extremely surprised.

Upon delivery a pump is always included which has both an "Inflate" and a "Deflate" function. After use, these soccer goals can be pulled completely under vacuum in no time and neatly stored away again in the supplied bag.


Specifications • Usage: Ideal for 2 on 2 soccer
• Dimensions: 3.00 m x 2,00 m
• Material: Thermoplastic polymer
• Playing time: The IGoal keeps its pressure for 8 hours. Then you have to add some air.
inclusive • Pump, anchors, net
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