Piet wanted a 'robot-piet': For over twenty years, Piet has been drawing the lines on the fields of VV Internos, through all kinds of weather. But now that he's past 80, he thinks it's enough. Piet wanted a robot-Piet. Don't get him wrong, Piet draws the lines with great pleasure. But lately, motivation has come mostly from club love, and not necessarily satisfaction. "I'm at a great age and have been going along at the club for over 20 years. It's been good. I've always enjoyed pulling the lines, but now it's time for rejuvenation"


Expo-Line's Robot Line Marker: In early September (2021), Expo-Line delivered the Robot Line Marker as a proud partner of V.V. Internos.


Leandro ; a young greenkeeper, had mastered working with the Robot Line Marker after only a few minutes. The new soccer season is about to start. Everyone is looking forward to it, especially after one and a half year of limited football playing by COVID-19. All preparations for the new season are in full swing. In the preparation of the soccer season, the preparation of fields is of crucial importance, such as the lining of the fields. Setting out the lines is a very intensive task which often returns in the season. V.V. Internos has been fortunate for years to have a team of volunteers (including Piet and Peter) who drew the lines every two weeks in their spare time. Piet has however (rightly) indicated that this task is slowly becoming a heavy burden.


As a result, the club has decided to start working with our Robot Line Marker. Expo-Line is very pleased with this collaboration! Robot 'Bertrand' will never be able to replace Piet, but will form a top duo with Leandro in the future.


We thank the foundation for their trust and wish them lots of success with their new colleague.


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