Ref in 1 day

On Saturday May 4 Expo-Line and Voetbal Vlaanderen organised their second course "Ref in 1 day". The participants were told about the rules and they got tips and tricks from Frank De Bleeckere.  Click here if ...

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Robot Linemarker 'Urbanus'

 Utrecht was the first Dutch municipality to acknowledge the utility, the efficiency and the ease of use of the Robot Linemarker.Today, 1 year later, we see that the staff is ...

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Everything on this earth is in a continuous state of evolving, refining, improving, adapting, enhancing.... changing. We are not put on this world to remain stagnant. (Steve Maraboli)

Since 1989 Expo-Line evolved, refined, improved, adapted, enhanced and changed as a family business, from a paint manufacturer - to an organisation active in football, spread over four divisions.

Football is our core business.

We are here to 

"Create A Brilliant Game."


Expo-Line is a European company, active in the world of football, with branches in Belgium and France. We develop and manufacture several innovative coatings for soccer (pitches / infrastructures), offer several services, organise workshops across Europe, distribute soccer equipment etc.

As in 1989 most groundsmen used chalk or related products to mark out the lines of a soccer pitch, Expo-Line helped evolving the world of line marking by developing one of the first enviromental friendly line marking paints.

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