About us


Expo-Line is a European company, active in the world of football, with branches in Belgium and France. We develop and manufacture several innovative coatings for soccer (pitches / infrastructures), offer several services, organise workshops across Europe, distribute soccer equipment etc.

As in 1989 most groundsmen used chalk or related products to mark out the lines of a soccer pitch, Expo-Line helped evolving the world of line marking by developing one of the first enviromental friendly line marking paints.

In 2002 pioneeringswork is done again and Expo-Line develops the first read-to-use line marking paint which stays in a homogeneous condition for very long time.

More than two decades later, this family business has grown into an international key player in the world of football.

You can find our products in the majority of the leading European competitions, such as Champions League, Europa League, Premier League, Serie A, Primera Divicion and many more national competitions.

Our account managers travel the whole world and are in contact with stakeholders, groundsmen, volunteers, referees and C-level decision makers and they all want to realize their own game. That's what keeps us moving. That's why we are here, to Create A Brilliant Game....