Expo-Line is a European company, mainly active in the world of soccer, with offices in Belgium and France. Since 1989 Expo-Line has been known for the development, production and introduction of innovative coatings, better known as line paint. In the meantime Expo-Line has developed into a total bespoke partner for sports clubs, municipalities and schools across national borders.

Expo-Line has its origins in the Belgian town of Beringen. In 1989 when soccer players still went home with burns from chalk lines, we developed a ready-to-use lining paint: Expo-Line Direct. A water-based sports field lining that respects the environment and players and is still part of our range.

More than two decades later, our Belgian family business has become an international player in the field of sports field lines. Expo-Line taught the soccer world to line its fields with a ready-to-use paint that does not settle. Our account managers travel all over the world and are in contact with stakeholders, field managers, volunteers, referees and C-level decision makers.

Still Expo-Lines core business is to line and/or support the 'field managers' at all levels because that is what keeps us moving, that is why we are here! To create a 'Brilliant Game'.

Expo-Line's market covers many European and non-European countries and has many international references. In order to serve associations, clubs, institutions and ultimately users or partners better and more accurately Expo-Line has been expanded and divided into four (separate) divisions. All four of these divisions breathe the vision and mission of Expo-Line, with a common goal 'To Create A Brilliant Game'.

Thanks to this unique division (offering product & services) Expo-Line can fully distinguish itself from the competition.

Divisions Expo-Line:


This division is for volunteers and/or field staff, for those who want to take field management to the next level. Expo-Line tries to work with this through this division.


This is the most recent division, allowing Expo-Line to offer an additional (qualitative) service to customers and partners. Through this division, Expo-Line has been focusing on the B2B market.


This is Expo-Line's third division that will allow it to establish itself as an international player in the market thanks to the presence of Expo-Line's Vanishingspray.

Referee college

This is the fourth division of Expo-Line, this division focuses on training and supporting referees. in close cooperation with Voetbal Vlaanderen.

Thanks to this divisions, Expo-Line is able to compete at all levels and is a key player on the European market. We deliver to the most important European federations.  In neighbouring countries such as; the Netherlands and France, our popularity has also been boosted, allowing us to develop into established values in the sports sector.

Het Expo-Line Team

“Everything on this earth is in a continuous state of evolving, refining, improving, adapting, enhancing.... changing. We are not put on this world to remain stagnant.” - Steve Maraboli

Expo-Line stands behind this slogan in the exercise of its business activities. It was introduced by Raf Bogaerts (CEO). Expo-Line is constantly improving and evolving into an ever better performing company, bringing the latest technologies to the market.

The Expo-Line Team consists of eight employees headed by Raf Bogaerts. You can find our team at the bottom of Expo-Line's divisions web pages:
Linemarking - Pojects - Vanishingspray - Referee College.