We can't ignore it any more. In recent months, we have been inundated with confrontational documentaries, alarming reports and images of plastic pollution on our planet.

And what we all have to do to stop it. People talk about it, debate it and everyone has their own opinion.

But as always, there are "talkers" and "doers". And we, along with you, belong to the second group.

For 20 years Expo-Line has been providing free tank units. No plastic packaging but ecologically sound paint in bulk. Waste? 0%!

No room for a tank? Then there are the 20-litre jugs with a deposit. This way they do not end up on the rubbish heap but are returned, rinsed and reused. Result: 240.000 kg LESS plastic waste per year.

Expo-Line is the only supplier of line paint on the market that works in this way. And we are proud that you as a customer share our vision and do everything in your power to reduce your ecological footprint to a minimum!

Something to be proud of!

Plastic pollution? We do NOT take part in that!

Did you know that for the last 10 years Expo-Line has been working with a deposit system for empty 20-litre plastic lining-up cans?
In 2008, long before there was any talk about the plastic soup in the oceans, we already set up a return system for empty 20-litre plastic jugs.

Most of our customers have a storage container in which the lining paint is stored after delivery. Customers who do not have space for this storage container can also obtain the ready-made lining paint in 20-litre cans. We take back the cans via a deposit system. Meanwhile, several thousand cans circulate in this system throughout Belgium and the Netherlands. This way, these cans do not end up in the container at the club and consequently do not end up on the rubbish heap either. In this way, we not only contribute to the reduction of plastic waste, but we also make it extra easy for our customers: they do not have to dump extra waste in the container or take it to a container park.

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