The new training complex of Club Brugge, "Belfius Basecamp", was recently officially inaugurated in Westkapelle.
This hypermodern training complex is fully equipped with the latest technological gadgets, both indoors and outdoors.
Club Brugge chose Expo-Line as their professional partner. We had the honour of assisting them in their choice of materials for the finish and design of the four outdoor training pitches and the indoor training pitch.

The first step was to equip all the training pitches with movable senior football goals, equipped with an "easy lift system" to move the goals easily and efficiently.
For the indoor training ground, we made custom-made goals, also equipped with this easy-lift system and professionally powder coated.

We also provided numerous smaller training goals measuring 1.20m x 1.00m. All goals were given a professional powder coating.
The next step, after assembling and installing the goals, was the symmetrical measurement and alignment of the 4 new training pitches.
For this, we used robot technology to precisely measure out the pitches in combination with high-pressure lining machines up to 40 bar for the best possible result on these hybrid pitches.
The robot took care of the measurements and a first light layer of pre-marking paint. Afterwards, this was given a finishing touch under high pressure.

On the practice fields of the Jan Breydel Stadium, Expo-line mobile dugouts equipped with an anti-tilt system were chosen.

We are very proud of the result, thank Club Brugge for their trust and wish them all the best with this beautiful training complex.