EX E-Volution the completely renewed and revolutionary vision of Expo-Line is being rolled out phase by phase.

One of the foundations of this renewed vision is the EX-Concept, a "total service concept", with which we want to relieve our end users in every detail.

In order to organize everything as adequately as possible, we have divided the rollout of this very comprehensive concept into phases. The launch of the E-Marker was the first phase and it is currently in full swing. E-Markers are being delivered daily and the response has been extremely positive.

This pleases us, this is what we do it for and therefore we believe it is time to activate the next phase being; the launch of our newly developed application for the smartphone. Thanks to this app, we can offer even more service to our customers, especially those who have joined the EX-Concept.

There is nothing easier than to have automatic access to your own association account at Expo-Line at all times. Here you can monitor all orders placed and, if necessary, easily repeat them, you can easily keep track of your expenses on a yearly basis, and you have access to the E-Community so you can quickly check which E-Ambassador clubs are in your area, etc......

We are therefore proud to announce the launch of our revolutionary application EX-PASS....!!! Check it out....