Discount ball catchers / ask your offer now

Are new projects coming up at your club, community, association or school? Avoid dangerous situations, lost balls and damage. Contact Expo-Line for a total quote for your project. We offer a customized quote for the installation of ball traps, handrails, fencing in plasitor wire, gates, beach volleyball, ... etc .

As every year we do a promotion on these projects.

On every quote confirmed between April 1 and 30, you will receive a 10% discount on the material.

Request your offer now, so you can discuss it internally and confirm it by April.

An extra advantage of a confirmation in April : You personally ensure that your infrastructure is fully ready for the new season. No more pressure in July because your infrastructure is not in order according to the rules.

Would you like us to come on site for support, do you have questions or would you like more info, do not hesitate to contact me at or click here.
If you already know the dimensions of your project, send them to me at the above e-mail address, and I will provide you with an offer within 5 working days.