Discover the future of precision lining with Expo-Line's newest lining device: the E-Marker. As the crown jewel of the EX Concept, the E-Marker takes sports field lining to new heights. Experience ultimate precision and efficiency while combining the power of technology with refined craftsmanship. Simplified management and direct access to the E-App make this an indispensable tool for the modern sports field professional. Join the E-volution and transform your lineation experience with Expo-Line's E-Marker!


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Step into a new dimension of precision and efficiency with Expo-Line's latest triumph: the E-Marker. The flagship of the groundbreaking EX Concept, the E-Marker marks a turning point in the world of sports field lining. Designed to inspire, a synergy between technological perfection and thoughtful craftsmanship.

The E-Marker blurs the lines between past and future, intertwining tradition with innovation. With an elegant and ergonomic design, the E-Marker fits perfectly in the hand, making every line you draw an artistic statement. But this beautiful design is just the beginning. The true magic lies in the precision with which the E-Marker works. Every path it takes, every trace it leaves behind, testifies to unparalleled accuracy and consistency.