Expo-Line Super Fix | 12kg

Item code: PRDBLVEXP-2309SF
Super Fix is an additive that can be added to all Expo-Line paints such as Expo-Line Direct.



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Expo-Line Super Fix | 12kg

Super Fix is added to accelerate the drying process and to increase the adherence and the 

It can be used in an average dose of 10% to 25%. In heavy weather conditions 35% if necessary. In other words: 2 to 5 liter of Super Fix per 20 litre jerrycan of Expo-Line Direct or concentrate.

µkan gebruikt worden volgens een gemiddelde dosering van 10% tot 25% en bij zware weersomstandigheden tot eventueel 35%. Dit wil zeggen 2 tot 5 liter Super Fix op een bus van 20 liter Expo-Line Direct of concentraat.

Do not use in cas of frost!


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