Grass seed Tetrasport - 15 kg

Grass seed Tetrasport - 15 kg



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 Tetrasport grass seed is a special selection of hardy and fast-developing grass varieties for sowing in and through. It quickly produces a dark green turf. By using both diploid and tetraploid ryegrass, a fast establishment and stronger juvenile growth is obtained. Good suppression of Poa annua and weeds. Very well suited to use at lower soil temperatures.

Sowing in and through / renovation in almost all situations. Think of very early spring sowing or overseeding during the autumn competition. Ideal for an early overseeding round followed by a regular overseeding round.



Seed quantity Between 70 kg and 350 kg depending on the damage to be repaired
When installed (sowing): +/- 350 kg
Establishment rate Very Fast
Cutting height 3 - 4 cm
Fertilization According to soil conditions 100 - 300 units N/ha per year; an additional potassium fertilization is also recommended in autumn
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