My device no longer makes pressure at all, now what?

See if the pump tube at the bottom of the unit is damaged or broken.

Is the pump tube broken or damaged?
You can easily replace this one yourself.
Order the pump tube here through our website.

After ordering, we will prepare the shipment for delivery as soon as possible.
Not sure how to replace the pump tube? Follow the procedure via this link.

It is very important that only the spring is released from the bracket! Shifting the bracket causes the loss of pressure.

Is the pump tube still ok?
If so, there may be a blockage or leakage somewhere in the intake part of the device.

My device creates pressure but not enough, how can I create more pressure?

Follow the pressure cable starting at the left handle to the bin at the bottom.
Where the pressure cable disappears into the bin, there is a set screw. Check carefully that this set screw is not tightened all the way. The more the set screw is tightened, the less pressure.
The more you tighten it, the more pressure.

What should I do if the spray gun does not respond when the handle is pressed?

Check if the gun cable (handle on the right) is broken.

If it is, you can order a new one from our website here.

Sometimes it can also happen that the cable is too loose at the connection with the gun. You can adjust this set screw so that the cable operates the gun again as intended.

If this is all good, the gun (at the front of the unit) should be replaced.
You can order the complete gun from our website here.

Pressure is applied but only a jet of paint comes out of the spray nozzle, what now?

This can occur with less proper maintenance of the device. Therefore, it is important to rinse the device properly after each use.

Open the filter housing and rinse the filter well with hot water.

There is a spray nozzle at the bottom of the spray gun. This spray nozzle may be clogged, giving only a stream of paint.
Unscrew the nozzle from the spray gun and rinse extensively with water, preferably hot water.
Then run a small brush over the opening of the nozzle to clear it or blow it through with compressed air (e.g. with a compressor or ball pump).

Keeping the spray nozzles in water during the week will certainly help to prevent dried paint.

How can we easily keep our spray head clean?

Rinsing the device with hot water remains the very best.
Be sure to let the hot water flow through the device by spraying the water as you do with the paint. The spray tip can always be brushed off with a toothbrush.

NEVER use additional products to clean this, just warm water.

If you notice that the line is no longer spraying nicely or your consumption is higher than before it could be that the spray nozzle is worn out.

The spray nozzle can be ordered at this link.