Perrot Rollcart

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Perrot Rollcart


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The Perrot Rollcart/Raintrain of the latest generation is a sprinkler powered by a turbine specially designed for sports fields.

The Rollcart sprinkles as soon as the tap is opened. It moves slowly over the lawn following the previously unrolled cable. The Rollcart stops once it has reached the determined end point. The water is supplied by a hose of up to 100 meters that the device pulls behind it.

The Perrot ROLLCART-V is a self-propelled sprinkler.
Ideal for large lawns, sports facilities, livestock and garden centers.

This device is a complete and very affordable solution for watering natural areas.
Connected to a well installation, a cistern or directly to city water, the device is able to water up to 18 m.



Specifications • Water consumption: min 3 m³/hr
• Working pressure: min. 3.5 bar at the unit (so at least 4.5 bar at the outlet is required)
• Spray length: 120 m
• Spray diameter: 28-36 m
• Weight: 33 kg
• Dimensions: 77 x 47 x 40 cm
• Material: Aluminum, copper and ABS
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