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VV Dribbling soccer goal 3 x 1,5 x 1 / profile 80 - incl. goalnet


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As a soccer club you may be eligible for a subsidy from Voetbal Vlaanderen. 

Dribble soccer 2 against 2 (2v2) is the new game form in the project youth reform of the Flemish Football Federation. 

Encouraging young players to play soccer and dribble is one of the basic principles of this new project of the VFV. What is more fun for these young players than to be able to kick the ball into the net of a professional soccer goal.

In consultation with the VFV, this new goal was developed specifically for this new type of game. To make a clear difference between the other aluminum goals, we have opted to have these goals in a different color. These professional goals will also contribute to the image of your club and may motivate possible interested parties to join.

As a total supplier to many clubs at home and abroad, we see it as our task to invest in the future of soccer. It goes without saying that investing in youth = investing in the future. That is why we are happy to commit ourselves to this project and offer these new goals at very democratic prices.

In addition, we already have a lot of experience in the production and powder coating of soccer goals. It is thanks to this experience that we are able to enforce strong prices with our raw material suppliers and thus reduce the prices of these new dribble goals.

Because of the different possibilities this goal is for the time being only available via quotation request. Please specify the desired number and the correct delivery information.



Specifications • Description: Model D: dual purpose
• Material: high quality aluminum
• Dimensions : W 3.00 m x H 1.50 m X D 1.00 m
• Profile: 80/85
inclusive • Goalnet
• net hooks
• reinforcement rods
Excluded (All inclusive)
Recommended goal net Goal net inclus.
Extra Unit per piece.

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