My device no longer charges, what now?

If the charger plugs in but does not show any green light on the charger itself, there may be a bad contact between the charger and the device. This usually occurs at the level of the connector on the device.
You can check this by doing the following: remove the battery cover, take out the fuse located on the cable from the battery to the circuit board.
Inside the connector on the side of the device you will see 2 contacts that normally clamp around the connector pin of the charger. If these are too far apart then there is a bad contact.
Use a flat screwdriver to push them back together a bit, then put the fuse back in and try whether the device can now charge.

If the red light does not light up either, the charger needs to be replaced.
This can be ordered via this link on our website.

My device gives pressure for a moment but then drops out again, what now?

Check if the light on the push button lights up, if it stays on there is a problem with the battery voltage.

Connect the charger and check the charge level, if this is OK then perhaps the battery is worn out and needs to be replaced.

The battery can be ordered from this link.

If the light is blinking there is a problem with the pump. You can check this by unplugging the cable to the pump and pressing the button again.

If the button then no longer lights up and blinks, a new pump is needed.

CAUTION! Repeatedly trying to start with a faulty pump can cause greater damage!

The pump can be ordered through this link.

The device starts up but no paint passes the spray tip, what should I do?

First of all, check that the pressure relief valve is properly attached and clicked down.
Also check that the spray tip is not clogged and it is facing the arrow.

Sometimes it can also happen that the pump cannot draw paint because there is a blockage at the entrance to the pump (located at the bottom of the reservoir).

You can fix this by pouring good hot water into the reservoir, letting it stand for a few minutes and then, with the pump running, clearing the entrance to the pump.

This can be done by repeatedly pushing the pin of the corresponding strainer, if this is no longer there you can also use a small screwdriver.

You may have to try this several times with heavy soiling.

How do I replace my pump?

Through this link, you will be directed to our tutorial videos.

Are there other items that can help draw lines straighter?

Using a lining rope with the reel cart remains the most efficient for hand lining equipment, possibly in combination with the marking plumes.

Order the reel cart or our marking plumes here.

How can we easily keep our spray head clean?

The very best way remains to rinse the device with hot water.
Be sure to let the hot water flow through the device by spraying as with paint. The spray tip can always be brushed off with a toothbrush.

NEVER use additional products to clean this, just warm water.

How can we keep from having to paint lines every week?

Lining paint performs best when it is allowed to dry properly. Taking into account the weather and the intensity of mowing are factors that help determine whether re-lining is necessary.

It is best to line your lines when the ground and grass are as dry as possible, as line marking on a field covered with dew or rain greatly increases the drying time of the paint and the result will also be less.

If you have to line in damp conditions you can use our Superfix, this product mixed in a ratio of 10% to 25% - depending on the circumstances - gives a faster drying time and better adhesion of the paint.

What kind of maintenance should we perform periodically?

It is important that the device be rinsed out with warm water after each lineup.

A one-time annual major maintenance of the device gives a more confident feeling to start the new soccer season. You can always come to us for this.

In our workshop we have all materials and parts available to help you as quickly as possible.
Send an email to to schedule this.

Our GRACO Armor product prevents corrosion and blockage in the pump during extended downtime. This also makes seals last longer and the device restarts smoothly after this.

Are there tools to plot our field annually?

Our field set-out service was introduced specifically to help clients set out their fields faster before a match or training session (at the start of the new season).

This option can be requested through our online website.
When requesting it, it is important to pass on how many fields you would like to set out.

Finally, we will make the appropriate offer and will initiate the procedure together with the customer.

Click here to submit an application

Is it wise to mix the cans before use?

Our Expo-Line Direct paint is ready-mixed paint that does not need to be shaken before use.

However, you may mix it in damp conditions with our Superfix in a ratio of 10 to 25% Superfix.

Can the paint be thinned?

Our Expo-Line Direct paints are ready-to-use paints that must not be diluted.
Our Expo-Line concentrate is paint that the customer must dilute with water.
Per 1L of concentrate, between 4 and 6 liters of water must be added depending on the need.

For a first lining with concentrate, we recommend a ratio of 1:4.

The field is not flat, is there any way to prevent or reduce vibration?

What can certainly be an aid is to pump the tires a little softer on hard terrains.
This will prevent bumping on unlevel terrain and this way you will have more grip on the device.

Normally, a pressure of 1 Bar on the tires is ideal.